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Maintenance Manuals

  • MM-0401 WABCO Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) System

Technical Bulletins

  • TP-09101 HPB Kit with ECU (10 Coil)
  • TP-09100 HPB Kit with ECU (8 Coil)
  • TP-0999 HPB Kit with ECU (10 Coil)
  • TP-09141 Installing FRK 09-10091 HCU on Navistar Straight Trucks
  • TP-0961 Installing the FRK 08-10086 HCU with PB Valve on International Buses
  • TP-0673 Hydraulic Compass Unit (HCU) Pump Replacement Procedure
  • TP-0672 Hydraulic Compact Unit (HCU) Relay Valve Replacement Procedure
  • TP-0586 Service Instructions for WABCO Components Submerged in Flood Waters
  • TP-0555 Leak Check Procedure for WABCO Hydraulic ABS & Hydra
  • TP-0483 HPB Installation Instructions Master Cylinder & Reservoir

Wall Charts

  • TP-08119 Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) System Parts Information Wall Chart