Literature > Trailer Anti-lock Braking System

Air Disc Brakes

  • TP-18042 Trailer Air Disc Brake Inspection

Sales Brochures

  • SP-18051 WABCO Retrofit Solutions Overview
  • SP-18024 Enhanced Easy-Stop Aftermarket Sales Brochure
  • SP-0794 Wabash National™ Trailer ABS Retrofit Program Brochure
  • SP-0802 WABCO Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS Retrofit Kits

Maintenance Manuals

Technical Bulletins

  • TP-02118 R955320 and R955321 WABCO 2S/2M and 4S/2M Enhanced Easy-Stop™ Trailer ABS for Easy-Stop™ Replacement Kits for ECU/Modulator Valve Assembly Part Number 472 500 012 0
  • TP-1593 Cable Strain Relief
  • TP-17133 Installation manual for WABCO Trailer ABS with Tire Inflation and Door Ajar Systems
  • TP-16131 Verification and Repair of Trailer Chassis Ground
  • TP-20212 Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS 2S/1M Basic PLC Inst.
  • TP-08103 Installing and Configuring the WABCO Trailer ABS with Infolink Lift Ax
  • TP-0886 Installing the WABCO Trailer ABS with InfoLink Tag Axle Option
  • TP-0586 Service Instructions for WABCO Components Submerged in Flood Waters
  • TP-0423 Enhanced Easy-Stop Replacement Kits
  • TP-0378 R955346 and R955347 4S/3M Enhanced Easy-Stop Trailer ABS
  • TP-0173 Blink Code Card for Easy-Stop & Enhanced Easy Stop

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