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Did You Know?

WABCO is the first to the NA market with OnGuard. 90,000+ systems in the field and 32 billion highway miles.

Roll Stability Support (RSS)

WABCO is focused on continuously developing integrated safety technology and efficient system solutions, delivered by the broadest and most experienced support network.


RSS 2M is the next generation of WABCO’s roll stability support system specifically built for trailers to reduce speed and lower lateral acceleration at the rollover threshold. It incorporates industry-leading ABS performance, key safety features and improved roll mitigation. RSS 2M helps the driver maintain trailer and overall vehicle stability while integrating the ABS, Power Line Carrier(PLC) communications for the transfer of data to an in-cab PLC Display, and telematics capability for transmitting real-time trailer data to fleet headquarters. The system simultaneously monitors trailer wheel speed, lateral acceleration and suspension pressure or spring deflection. If the vehicle approaches its rollover threshold, RSS 2M automatically applies the trailer brakes as needed to help the driver bring the vehicle under control.

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